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Our sophisticated 360-approach goes beyond basic compliance measures of improvement to provide our clients with unique resources and insights to effectively manage program success. From comprehensive program audit evaluations to in-depth analytics and data-driven findings and recommendations, we offer a full-suite of high-quality services designed to strengthen and enhance the integrity and operational efficiency of 340B programs.

Comprehensive 340B Program Evaluations

Our data-driven methodology is the culmination of decades of 340B expertise and partnership with many of the largest hospitals and health systems across the country. Though our process will satisfy and exceed HRSA standards, we look further into every area of your program using our one-of-a-kind data and pattern analysis techniques to help you improve and maximize savings.

Contract Pharmacy Audits

Our proven approach and expertise help you navigate the complex and constantly shifting landscape of drug pricing. We understand the variables that come with TPA combinations, stacked TPAs, inventory controls and contractual issues — bringing a wealth of experience in any type of contract pharmacy relationship. Our audit includes transaction testing, contract review, P&P review, OPAIS database review, and comparison of purchases to dispenses.

Education & Training

A cornerstone of our offerings as a leader in 340B education is sharing our 20+ years of experience and connecting the dots. We can help translate the complex world of 340B and collaborate with all teams — from pharmacy technicians, IT, finance, compliance, operations to the C-suite — with our tailored education and training practices. We know how to tap into the right services for support and have connections across the industry to help you succeed. As educators and researchers, we keep you informed of changing expectations and industry-leading best practices, news, and trends to keep you ahead.

HRSA Audit Preparation & Support

We are fully supportive, agile and responsive from the time you receive a HRSA notice through the final audit report. We are with you every step of the process, invested heavily in policy and procedure to conform with the evolved interpretations and changes to HRSA’s audit standards, while also ensuring your teams are fluent in program practices and set up for long-term success.

340B Program and Policy Strategy & Design and Project Management
340B Program Design & Implementation Support

We streamline your processes by “getting into the weeds” and finding what best suits your program — everything from setup to staffing and billing — and sharing data-driven interpretations and industry-leading best practices for success. We provide financial data and strategy-led feedback in many areas including the value of new contract pharmacies, ownership changes, developing retail networking and setup on services. Whether you are new to 340B, restructuring, switching split-billing or TPA vendors, or looking to increase efficiency, we can help guide in-depth analysis and project management.

Risk Assessments, Financial Reviews & Policy Forecasting

We provide line of sight to help you identify red flags and grey areas to ensure you exceed HRSA’s audit standards and maximize your 340B operations. We thoroughly review your self-auditing plan and advise on how to optimize your testing standards and reap the benefits of working smarter with your data.

Remediation & Dispute Resolution Support
Remediation & Dispute Resolution Support

We often partner with legal departments and outside counsel on various matters including dispute or audit results, to ensure 340B program support and excellence. We can help review the facts and circumstances of any matter between an entity and HRSA, or a manufacturer, and work diligently on your behalf toward a fair and equitable resolution.

340B Self-Audit Assessment & Data Analytics
340B Self-Audit Assessment & Data Analytics

We infuse our unique, custom-designed data analysis process to present you with a holistic view of how your program is functioning and how you can substantially improve your set up, including processes, targeted self-audits and data connections for optimal operations and efficiency and to better adhere to compliance requirements.

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We our proud to partner with many premier 340B programs and notable hospitals and health systems across the country. We make it our mission to be a trusted, solution-focused partner and dedicated resource to our clients every step of the way and beyond. Our clients’ success is our success.

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