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Suzanne is a highly regarded expert in the analysis and interpretation of 340B data. She worked for Office of Inspector General on 340B studies and provided technical support to entities as part of APhA’s contract with HRSA. In 2009, she and Madeline co-founded Rx|X to share this experience and directly shape 340B programs.

Suzanne’s undergraduate degree comes from the University of Maryland and she did her Masters at the University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy.  She received statistical, analytical and data processing training through the OIG. Over the last several years, Suzanne’s has continued to develop her expertise in data analytics by working with the endless combinations of medical records, split-billing software platforms, TPAs, and entity processes for administering 340B programs.

Q & A

What do you love most about your job?

“I love getting into the data – identifying potential issues and helping develop ways to solve problems.”


How did you get into 340B?

I got into 340B while working at the Office of Inspector General (OIG) in Chicago.  340B was my first study (and first study working with Madeline) and I never really left drug pricing.


What do you love most about working with your business partner?

I love that Madeline and I are able to approach issues differently but still communicate well.  We are very Yin and Yang – and together offer a very broad, comprehensive approach.  I also think that it is pretty amazing that even though we are so different, we are still able to communicate.  And of course, I like Madeline as a person.


When you aren’t working, we can find you _____________.                                        When I am not working, I am generally spending time with the family.  The four kids keep us pretty busy!

What do you love most about your job?

As someone that has lived through so much of the 340B program history, I absolutely love sharing my point of view on the history, current state and potential future state of 340B.  I love helping clients understand the regulatory environment and helping them prepare for changes or draft comments to lawmakers. I could talk about the program for hours… but I am not sure who would keep listening!

How did you get into 340B?

My first project at the OIG was examining ADAP participation in 340B. Instead of moving on to a different program in HHS, my boss thankfully recognized the learning curve associated with 340B and let me develop my specialty.  I don’t think anyone would have predicted I would have spent my career thus far in the same space, but I just love it.

What do you love most about working with your business partner?

I often joke that Suzanne is my work soul mate, but it is true! We started working together at the OIG and have an effortless way of communicating and dividing work.  I think we can communicate telepathically at this point! Suzanne pushes me to think about things with fresh eyes and her data mining skills are the best in the industry.

When you aren’t working, we can find you _____________. 

Enjoying time with my husband and three kids, especially outside on bikes and hikes, and traveling. I love yoga/pilates, the science of nutrition, and reading. I think everyone knows if I weren’t doing this, I would have been a stylist!



Madeline is a recognized leader in the 340B world with roles in the OIG, APhA/HRSA, University of Minnesota, and as the co-founder of Rx|X.  She has dedicated her career to helping entities understand how to run programs in spite of complicated regulations.

Madeline received her undergraduate degree from Saint Mary’s College and her Masters and PhD from the University of Minnesota’s College of Pharmacy. She is a respected authority on 340B data collection, qualitative data analysis, and program evaluation.  In her work with entities, she has gained tremendous experience in understanding the characteristics of highly functioning 340B programs.

Our Services

At Rx|X, we go beyond what is needed to prepare you for an HRSA audit

and scope our engagements to consider many variables, including:

Resource Review
The old adage of “you get what you give” applies well to an entity’s 340B program.  

We help to assess our client’s investments in the structure and staffing of the program. This involves a review of the training and skill sets of the 340B team.  Equally important is an understanding of how the leadership is (or isn’t) involved.

Contract Pharmacy
In addition to helping you comply with HRSA’s expectation for an annual audit, we work with you on the development and/or fit of the overall contract pharmacy strategy.
Dispute Resolution
Rx|X can help review the facts and circumstances of any matter between an entity and HRSA or a manufacturer to work toward a fair and equitable resolution.

We customarily support legal departments or outside counsel on disputes or audit results.

Whether you are new to 340B, restructuring, or switching vendors, we can help guide this major undertaking efficiently.
Transaction Testing
Transaction testing is considered to be the cornerstone of the HRSA audit process and a strong indicator of program health; however, there are a number of ways to perform this exercise.  

At Rx|X, we help you optimize your testing standards and teach you about the value of working smarter with your data.

Program Set Up
340B is extremely complicated. It is critical to have a firm that can translate your regulatory requirements to various members of the team, be it IT, Finance, Compliance, or Operations.  

Given Rx|X’s proper guidance, coordination, documentation, and advice on the best strategy from the start, your 340B program will thrive.

HRSA’s audits are intended to test whether an entity can properly oversee its 340B operations.

Rx|X reviews the completeness of your self-auditing plan and advises you on how to spend your time wisely.  We also ask how issues are identified, reported and resolved.

Policies and Procedures
Your policies and procedures serve as the backbone for your program’s operations.  

Rx|X relies on its experience in the field and the most recent HRSA/Apexus information to propel your documentation to its highest standard and present a complete picture of how you use 340B.

Data Analytics
Transaction testing is a critical component of program monitoring, but what else can we find looking at large batches of data in sophisticated ways? 

Rx|X’s proprietary methodology for reviewing big data reveals an incredible amount of feedback for continuous program improvement. 

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