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Dr. Madeline Carpinelli Wallack


PhD, MS, 340B Apexus Certified Expert

A recognized industry leader and co-founder of Rx|X, Madeline is a program evaluator and expert in 340B program and pharmaceutical public policy. She holds a doctorate in Social and Administrative Pharmacy from the University of Minnesota, with previous experience including the Office of Inspector General for Health and Human Services, HRSA, 340B Health, Apexus, and many notable 340B engagements with some of the largest hospitals, health centers and grantees across the country. Her diversified industry expertise and high levels of training in building compliant 340B programs, audits, survey design and analysis have equipped her with a unique, solution-oriented perspective.

Madeline has dedicated her 23-year career to supporting clients and entities on how to successfully run their programs in the shifting regulatory landscape of 340B. Demonstrating her passion for the program, she has presented publicly at over 35 conferences across the nation. Her professional knowledge and expertise make her a respected authority on 340B data collection, qualitative data analysis, and program evaluation. 

As someone who has witnessed much of the 340B program’s history, it is my mission to share my expertise and empower our clients with industry-leading education, solutions and resources for success
— and I love what I do.

Dr. Madeline Carpinelli Wallack

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