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Independent 340B Contract Pharmacy Audits

Rx|X’s 340B Contract Pharmacy Audit helps clients fulfill HRSA’s requirement for annual external audits and provides critical feedback on these arrangements’ compliance with 340B eligibility and prevention of duplicate discounts. Rx|X is an independent firm with several years experience performing 340B audits.

This audit reviews transactions that qualify for 340B through contract pharmacies and tests against the entity’s documentation in the medical record to validate that the location of the prescription, provider, and patient all meet the entity’s standards and HRSA’s expectations.  Comparing qualification data against the medical record is an essential step of reviewing compliance!

Another critical component of the audit will be to review the data feeds and configurations set by the entity to establish eligibility and confirm that Medicaid claims are excluded from 340B.  Rx|X also tests for sales activity at all locations and compares registration in HRSA’s 340B Database to contracts with retail partners.