Rx|X Consulting partners with Apexus on 340B ACE


Press Release


Madeline Wallack

Rx|X Consulting is honored to be the consultant firm selected to contribute to Apexus’ 2020 update module for its Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program (340B ACE). The 340B ACE program provides specialized education to individuals looking to validate or grow their expertise in 340B policy and operations.

The 340B ACE program’s core curriculum is approximately 40 hours of education across 24 modules followed by an exam. An additional update module is added to the curriculum as a tool to recertify. With each iteration of the update module, a firm is selected to provide their perspective, including best practices and trends. Apexus’s entity advisory board reviews blinded applications to make their selection.

Since 2004, Apexus has provided the 340B community significant support through contracts with over 30 suppliers for a network of 40,000 entities; the provision of education and training, such as its reputable 340B University; fosters expertise through its distinguished 340B Certificate Program; and offers technical support for program participants.

Rx|X’s co-founders, Dr. Madeline Wallack and Suzanne Herzog, have worked in the 340B field for over twenty years, starting at the Office of Inspector General for HHS and working as policy consultants for APhA’s Technical Services and Support Center (PSSC) providing assistance to covered entities. In 2013, they began working directly with 340B participants, offering education and training, compliance support, independent audits and program evaluations. According to Ms. Herzog, “We are thrilled to be a part of the update module, which will feature the most current issues facing 340B entities. It is a chance to provide fresh content to new enrollees and graduates of the Certificate Program. We look forward to helping Apexus continue to set the standard for education in the 340B industry.”

Rx|X previously worked with Apexus in 2016 on the initial development of the ACE program and is excited about helping to develop new educational content for the 340B community. “Our approach at Rx|X has always been to share our lessons from the field with all entities—clients or not. Working with Apexus on this module gives us the opportunity to contribute our years of experience to an audience invested in continuing 340B education,” says Wallack.