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340B Program Monitoring & Implementation Assistance

340B Program Monitoring

Rx|X is committed to staying in front of all issues related to the pharmaceutical industry through daily environment scans, creation of issue briefs and policy updates, and networking with key stakeholders both inside and outside of government.

Periodically – either monthly or quarterly – Rx|X can provide the pharmacy team with an update on the policy landscape, which can include a breakdown of policy issues, practical advise for resolving tough policy matters, or an evaluation of the impact of proposed/final regulations that touch 340B.


340B Self-Audit Protocol and Validation

Entities that have instituted 340B self-auditing protocols are more likely to detect and resolve issues prior to an audit. Rx|X can collaborate with your pharmacy team on developing the best metrics, sampling techniques, and diagnostics to adapt operations and preserve the integrity of your 340B program.

Once the methodology is adopted, Rx|X can work with the entity on a routine basis to review findings, track progress of changes, or suggest improvements/adjustments to the process.

Rx|X will review the rigor of the test design, identify gaps, and recommend changes to the self-audit methodology. Going forward, Rx|X will serve to independently review the results of the audit process and continue to make suggestions for improvements or for focused areas of review in a standardized report used each audit period (monthly or quarterly).


340B Education and Training

The foundation for compliance comes from a solid understanding of program rules and regulations, but also in how to translate them for your institution’s practices. Rx|X customizes 340B education and training to all departments involved in 340B compliance, including pharmacy, finance, billing, and the C-suite.  Training can be conducted either on-site or remotely.


340B Implementation Assistance

To the degree desired by the clients, Rx|X can maintain active involvement with the 340B team on implementing recommendations from the Review or Audit.  Rx|X can also help newly participating entities get their programs off the ground.