Pharmaceutical Policy Experts™


Firm Strengths

The Rx|”X” Factor

Expert Skills, Expert Connections. At Rx|X, our experts are former senior level officials with the US Office of Inspector General who have intensive training and first-hand experience with regulatory and compliance reviews. Because we have only ever worked in drug policy analysis, we continue to maintain strategic contacts that are a bedrock resource of the company today. Over the years, Rx|X has continued its collaboration with government agencies, but also works with a range of clients operating within the intersection of pharmacy and government to address legal, analytic and business issues.

The Founders Perform All of the Work. The major benefit of working with Rx|X is that clients have the full focus of a team that has dedicated their careers to this industry, offering individual and warm  attention and resources in the field and throughout the engagement. We are able to respond to clients quickly and our experience creates project management efficiencies and mitigates expenses.

Recognized Commitment to the Industry.  Rx|X founders are respected leaders in the 340B/Medicaid field, as evidenced by the prominent clients we work with, presence and speaking engagements at national conferences, and frequent invitations from larger consultancy practices to partner as subject matter experts.  We are fortunate to work with some of the most sophisticated users of the 340B program and relevant stakeholders. While many large consultancies offer 340B related services, few, if any, have the direct, in-depth experience of Rx|X.